Bill McElhinney


William McElhinney is a semi-retired Construction Manager who worked mostly the western half of the United States. His wife Tara made many visits to Pagosa Springs beginning in the middle 1980’s, and she bought property in Pagosa Springs in 1992. William and Tara moved permanently to Pagosa Springs in 2003. They have hunted and fished here every year since, as well as horseback riding, ATV riding, and working with the National Forest Service to assist in clearing, maintaining, and adding new trails in the area.

William and Tara both grew up in shooting and hunting families, and have enjoyed many shooting sports their entire lives. As with the other board members, William is looking for a safe, fun place to shoot in the Pagosa Springs area. He has seen firsthand many close incidents with shooting and other activities in the surrounding national forests, and a local range would provide a safe place for sighting in for hunting season, target practice, competition, and enhanced shooting training, as well as training area for our local youth.

William is an original Founding Member, and served as Vice President of the club the first year. He is currently chairman of the Events Committee, and is willing to continue support for WCGBA to help establish a range in this area.