What is Wolf Creek Gun and Bow Association?

WCGBA was formed to provide a safe and enjoyable environment to promote the use, training, and education for all shooting disciplines in the Pagosa Springs area. The Association was formed with the primary goal of locating land to develop a firearms and archery range. An organized effort is needed to demonstrate the desire for a safe shooting location to local officials in the Pagosa Springs area.
At this time, there is no dedicated shooting range available to the public. The main emphasis of WCGBA is to locate and acquire land suitable to develop a range.
Anyone, whether a local area resident or even from out-of-state, may join the club provided the following: They are at least 18 years of age (subject to change in the future), not legally precluded from possessing firearms and they are lawfully residing in the United States.
A Founding Member is anyone who joins the Association prior to land being located to develop a range. The Association intends to offer Founding Members, who retain their membership until land is located, additional benefits and recognition once a range is developed. Founding Members receive full benefits and have voting privileges for the Association.
A spouse of a Founding Member may join as an Associate Member with reduced fees. However, Associate Members may have limited benefits and do not have voting privileges for the Association.
The annual membership dues for Founding Members are $20.00. A spouse may join as an Associate Member (no voting rights) for $10.00 a year.
Although it may be limited until we have our own range, we are planning shooting events at other nearby shooting ranges and the NRA Whittington Center starting in 2022. In addition to shooting events, we also plan to offer classroom training opportunities, presentations and social events for our members. We hope that local businesses will support our efforts by providing discounts to our members.
Membership dues are needed for administrative costs to keep the organization moving forth. Membership dues will be used toward filing our non-profit applications ($1200); attorney fees; insurance (~$10/person/year); sales tax license fees; printing/advertising; website expenses; rental expenses; office supplies; etc. Additional fundraising efforts will be needed to cover all of these costs. Separate funding sources will be needed for land acquisition and range development.
At this point, the Board of Directors decided not to offer family or youth memberships. However, we do plan to offer these once we have land to develop a range. Although we are not offering memberships for youth at this time, we do hope to be involved with youth firearms training activities in conjunction with local schools and youth programs.
There are many ways people can assist; donating money/land, and/or participating in one or more committees (Land Acquisition, Events, Fundraising, Community Outreach, Membership, etc).
You may send an e-mail to: contact@wolfcreekgunandbow.org